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I just want to start by saying thank you.

It seems like everyday it's getting better and easier.
Knowing how to position him better has also helped a lot, knowing
to get comfortable and not needing those crazy pillows is also a stress reducer.

I have been so stressed thinking I didn't have enough milk for him.
Now knowing that the one side I thought was low is normal,
has definitely reduced my stress level. Knowing I don't have to drive myself crazy with writing everything down or needing to pump like a crazy person, is a really good feeling (like I can breath easy). I'm so excited to be able to give Hunter the best start I can by breastfeeding longer now that the pain has been reducing more and more. I was so emotional thinking I wasn't going to be able to continue due to the toe curling pain, I didn't want to experience that again. It's horrible not being able to do the one thing I should be able to do as a mother is to provide milk and couldn't.

I purchased bigger flanges and my pumping experience is 10x better. I thought I needed smaller ones and once I got the size up, pumping became much easier and more efficient. Thank you so much for everything and educating me as much as you could in the time we had. It's great to know I have you to turn to if things become difficult again. Hopefully we are on the road to a long breastfeeding experience. It's a great feeling knowing I can provide Hunter what he needs to be a happy and healthy little man.

Jennifer (2/2015)

IBCLC's know that some mom's don't want to call us for help because they think we will judge them for using formula, not wanting or being able to exclusively breastfeed, only wanting to pump, etc. I do not judge, just try to help mothers to do the best they can for themselves and their babies. Here is a lovely note from a client I helped recently.

While I was pregnant with my 4th child, I searched for a lactation consultant. I wanted to have a name and number on hand just in case I needed it after the baby was born. I searched thru a lot of websites and got recommendations. After reading Karen’s information, I could tell she was knowledgeable and held the same philosophies on being a Mother as I do. I had breastfed my first 3 babies for only a week each before giving up. I thought breastfeeding was all or nothing. I was determined to breastfeed the 4th baby. After I had a traumatic birth and recovery, my son was 2 months old by the time I was able to stop most of the medications I was on and was feeling better. I was so devastated that I wasn’t breastfeeding. I decided that I wanted to try to relactate. I knew I would need help so I called Karen. She was AMAZING!!! She was very thorough and asked me a lot of questions so that we could determine the best course of action. She wrote everything down for me so I could refer back to it as needed. I had seen the lactation consultants at the hospital but I feel like Karen really dug down deeper to make sure she had covered every aspect with me. She checked me and the baby to make sure we had the best breastfeeding experience possible. She also promptly got back to me when I had questions and concerns. I started relactating with only a couple of drops of milk coming out at each pump session. But I am happy to report that with Karen’s help, I am now able to provide at least half of my baby’s nutrition thru my own milk!! It isn’t the “exclusively breastfeeding” journey that I had envisioned while I was pregnant, but because of Karen’s help, I am able to live out my dream of breastfeeding my baby thru pumping and feeding at the breast! She is awesome and I highly recommend her to everyone!!


This mother had some unusual situations that made a comfortable latch a real challange, in the end she decided just to pump. Here is her feedback:

We are doing great.  I have been pumping exclusively and my milk production is up so I am finally meeting all his needs and we are no longer requiring formula to get through.  I am about 5 feedings ahead of him.  I was not successful getting him to nurse again without the pain so I decided that as long as he is getting the breast milk I was happy.  I really appreciate all the time that you spent with me and all the research that you did.  The information you provided was extremely helpful and kept me breast feeding.  I don't think I would even be pumping if you hadn't of shown me how to effectively and efficiently use the pump I had.  Thank you!

From Heidi who was confused after six weeks of painful breastfeeding and lots of conflicting advice:

Karen made me feel confident that the problems we were having were not my own, but were due to another issue that needed addressing. I really appreciated her quick call back, and her willingness to see me so quickly to put me at ease. She is very knowledgable about a number of topics that are useful to a BFing mother, and I'd highly recommend her services to anyone. Thanks

so much. I really appreciate it!

From Laura who was refered by a friend and did a phone consultation with email follow up about her six month old baby:

There aren’t enough good things I can say about Karen.  I had exclusively breastfed my daughter without difficulty, and considered myself an old pro when my son was born two years later.  After my son “fell off the chart” at his six-month checkup, my pediatrician sent me home with an armful of formula samples.  When I contacted Karen at the urging of a fellow breastfeeding mom, I was feeling frustrated and worried that this was going to be the beginning of the end.  Karen was supportive and responsive to my concerns.  She took the time to listen to the issues that I felt like we were having, and gave me a detailed series of steps to take with regard to my diet, the feedings, and starting solids.  Karen followed up with me several times by email, and kept in touch until my son’s next weigh-in.  The pediatrician and I were pleased to discover that my son had gained as much in those three weeks, by following Karen’s plan, as he had in the two months previous!  Throughout the process, Karen was nothing but professional, knowledgeable, and encouraging.  I would strongly recommend her to any of my friends who are experiencing challenges breastfeeding.

From Eliana who ordered a Hygeia pump for her return to work:

The pump has been fantastic! I am surprised at how gentle and efficient it is. I am almost always getting 8 to 10 oz a session! I would love the information you could send (on pumping). Thank you again for your help. 

From Brooke who did a prenatal consultation to be prepared:

I was recommended to Karen Kurtz by a friend.  I knew that I wanted to breastfeed my newborn and felt that I needed support to do so.  I am not a first time mom but was young when I had my first two and was not successful at breastfeeding.  This time I really wanted to do it.  I did feel that since I was young that I was not as patient as I am now, nor did I really have any clue to what I was doing.  Ten years has gone by and I am more patient but didn’t really have an idea about nursing.  I made an appointment with Karen and so glad that I did.  She came to my house and explained all about breastfeeding and helped me understand what was entailed.  She answered any and all of my questions.  I had a ton of them!  The nice thing about it was that she didn’t make me feel like any of my questions were silly or stupid.  You could tell that she is extremely knowledgeable in the way that she answers your questions.  I also felt like she came well prepared to our appointment and armed with different information to allow me to understand what breastfeeding was all about.  By the time our appointment was over, my confidence soared and I had such a good feeling about breastfeeding my daughter.  When I went to the hospital and had my beautiful girl I told the staff that I was breastfeeding.  I was determined to do it and knew that I would be able to.  My daughter and I got off to a great start with it and continue to do well.  I also like the fact that Karen called me after I had my little girl to check on me and how we were doing with the nursing.  We talked on the phone in regards to my delivery and how everything went and how we were doing with feeding.  I love the fact that I have someone that I can call if I need help or if I have any questions.  I highly recommend Karen to all moms who want to breastfeed. 


From Kathleen who tells her story here:

I am a first time mom who is committed to exclusively breastfeeding my son. Upon his birth he began having some problems gaining weight. Our doctors suggested supplementing with formula. I didn't want to do that so I began researching lactation consultants to help maximize the benefits of breastfeeding. My husband found Karen's website by doing a Google search. I emailed her and within hours she called me. She even was able to come out to see us on the next day! She spent a few hours with us watching me nurse, teaching me new techniques, weighing my son and answering our countless questions. I instantly felt comfortable with her and never once did I feel rushed. I especially appreciated her gentle manner and laid-back approach. Karen also went above and beyond by calling and writing often, checking on our son's progress. On another occasion, she came out to help me learn how to use my breast pump. I am so lucky to have found her. Her knowledge is unparalleled. Before meeting her I was growing increasingly frustrated with breastfeeding and was close to giving up. She really "saved the day" and gave me the encouragement I needed to stick with it. I am forever in her debt.

From Steph whose now happily nursing her 2 1/2 month old:

If it wasn't for Karen, I would not have been able to breastfeed. I had so much trouble with the wrong latch and Karen gave me the solution along with tremendous support and patience. Thanks to her, I am having the best time now experiencing how amazing breastfeeding is!

From Eva, who needed help getting started pumping for her premature son:

The most helpful parts of my consultation were the 1) written plan to increase my breastmilk production, 2) the personal evaluation of my breast pumping technique and 3) most of all the encouragement that I could actually increase my production. Since the consult things have been wonderful. After following the plan my production quadrupled! I was able to pump milk adequately to supply my preemie baby, so far for two months. My baby and I are now nursing and I plan to consult Karen again for steps to optimize my breastfeeding experience. Phone and email follow-up was great not only to answer any leftover, forgotten and/or new concerns but also as a mode of encouragement.

"Before I had my son, now 3 months old, many women had told me that they tried to breastfeed, but couldn't. Having been committed to breastfeeding long before I got pregnant, I couldn't understand why or how they had given up so easily. Well, the first five days of my son's life showed me just how tricky breastfeeding could be. None of my stumbling blocks were in the books I had read and I was panicking that I would have to resort to formula-feeding out of sheer necessity. One morning, after yet another screaming fit as my son tried desperately to latch (he had been able to latch for 2 days, then suddenly had great difficulty and was barely eating), I feverishly called everyone I could to figure out why. A hospital lactation group finally recommended Karen and by that evening, she was at my house, armed with techniques and advice that no one had thought of before. I was a sobbing, scared, exhausted mess of a new mother, but what reached me immediately, through both my and my baby's tears, was how much she cared that breastfeeding worked out for me. She was incredibly knowledgeable without sounding preachy or intimidating, and it was clear that she was going to be able to help us where no one else could. Her approaches were so flexible. She taught my husband and me techniques to overcome that first difficult week and offered astute insights on why we might be having trouble. With her hands-on guidance and consistent follow-up support (no one else has even come close with that kind of support), my son and I were able to overcome our obstacles and build a successful and enjoyable breastfeeding relationship. I truly could not have done it without her and it would have broken my heart to give up my dream of breastfeeding. I am so grateful that I had someone like Karen to guide me through my challenges and literally save our breastfeeding experience. If the women who had run into their own difficulties had had the great fortune of her help, I'm positive they would still be breastfeeding."



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