Breastfeeding Facts
The first six weeks after the baby is born is a time for new moms to rest, recover and learn about their new baby. When offers of help are given by friends and family, new moms should accept all good offers.

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Breastfeeding Support - Karen Kurtz, IBCLC

Breastfeeding Consultation

Lactation Consultant Services for Breastfeeding Success

If you need help now, call (856) 448-4666. The sooner you get help and reassurance the more quickly you can enjoy your breastfeeding relationship. Find out if our services can benefit you and your baby today.

You should call if:

  • You are having nipple or breast pain, pain in our bodies is a sign something is wrong, if it's not improving you need help.
  • If you feel like you need to, or have been told you need to supplement your baby for any reason. Most moms can make plenty of milk with good breastfeeding management or the right interventions.
  • Everyone is telling you something different or you have been told you must follow rules such as feed every three hours or feed ten minutes per side. Rules are a recipe for breastfeeding failure, you need to learn to understand what is right for your individual baby.
  • Your baby has lost more then 10% of his/her birth weight or isn't back to his/her birth weight by day 10. Often mothers take this as a sign that they can't produce enough milk, that usually isn't the case. Sometimes moms are making lots of milk but the baby is having trouble transfering it, sometimes moms are not feeding in a way that maximizes their milk supply, there can be many other reasons for slow weight gain and professional help can sort it out and give you a plan to meet your goals.

Still aren't sure that we can help, call and ask (856) 448-4666.

Just because you were told you the only answer for your breastfeeding problem is to supplement or give up, there are usually many other answers. Almost all breastfeeding problems can be fixed or improved! It takes knowledge, experience and time to focus on your situation in depth. There are lots of answers, a Lactation Consultant with dedicated attention to you and your baby can help you find the best ones for your situation before time and frustration makes it seem more difficult or impossible.

An Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) can provide services to help make your Breastfeeding experience Successful and comfortable for you and your baby.  A private practice lactation consultant can take the time you need to access where things are today and update you plan as needed. See our FAQ to learn more about why a Lactation Consultant may benefit your family.  Lactation Consultants work together with your Health Care providers to help form a coordinated health care team for a healthy breastfeeding family.

Serving the Southern New Jersey Area*

Karen Kurtz is an IBCLC who practices in the Southern New Jersey Area* helping mothers and their babies Succeed with Breastfeeding.  Karen’s experience, training, knowledge and personal attention will help you achieve the Breastfeeding Success you want. Call today for more information (856) 448-4666.

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Comprehensive Postpartum Evaluation in your Southern New Jersey Home (some issues can be addressed by a phone/Skype consult - See our pricing page for details.

See our pricing page for Consultation options or call today (856) 448-4666 to find out more.

A Consultation can include some and/or all of the items below:

  • Observation of at least one complete breastfeeding.
  • Medical history to look for risk factors for low milk supply or other causes of breastfeeding difficulties.
  • History of birth, breastfeeding since baby’s birth, any previous breastfeeding experiences if relevant.
  • Examination of any breast / nipple abnormalities or areas of pain.
  • Examination of baby’s oral anatomy if indicated.
  • Weight check for baby and/or pre and post feed weights.
  • History of baby’s output and behavior.
  • A care plan for continued progress.
  • Referral to any specialists or other services as needed.
  • Phone or email follow up as needed.
Call (856) 448-4666 to schedule a consultation now.

Prenatal Consultations - Determine Risk Factors for first time parents or Review Issues Breastfeeding with Previous Children in Home or by Phone or Skype.

  • Includes medical and lactation history form for you to fill out
  • Review of history
  • Written care plan to optimize Breastfeeding Success based on your personal situation

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If you are interested in classes or consultations for Returning to Work, pumping or Older baby issues please call or fill out our Contact Form with your interests.

Please call (856) 448-4666 for more information or to schedule a consultation now.

Price List
We know the economy can make it hard for new parents to afford our services. If this is a problem please call and see how we can help. Also remember often our services cost less then a month's worth of formula. Check with your insurance company, more and more companies are reimbursing for Lactation Services.

* Gloucester County, Camden County, Cumberland County and Salem County


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