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Breastfeeding Resources

Breastfeeding Resources

These resources are not meant to subsitute for professional breastfeeding help. If you spend time trying to find simple help to a problem with your newborn things tend to become more complicated every day. If you are unsure if you really need to speak with or see a Lactation Consultant for you question give Karen at call at (856) 448-4666 and discuss it or use my email form. Time tends to make simple breastfeeding problems harder to resolve. Enjoy your baby by getting the right help today. Read more on this.

General Breastfeeding Questions

La Leche League International -
The leading source for breastfeeding information and support for over 50 years.


Stanford University’s School of Medicine Breastfeeding Page
Great videos on hand expression and using hand expression with a breastpump to increase milk.

Specific Information

Has a doctor, lactation consultant or other health care professional told you  that your baby may have a tongue-tie or tight frenulum?  You need to learn more.

Having multiple babies at one time -

ProMom’s 101 Reasons to Breastfeed

Support and Advocacy in New Jersey

La Leche League inNew Jersey

The New Jersey Breastfeeding Task Force

New Jersey Public Breastfeeding Law

Find Out if you Qualify for WIC in New Jersey
WIC can provide you with supplemental food for yourself when you are pregnant and breastfeeding and supplemental food for children up to the age of five. Your local WIC agency can also provide you with breastfeeding education, help and support.

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