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About Karen Kurtz

About Karen Kurtz, IBCLC

I first became involved in breastfeeding back in 1987 when I was pregnant with our first child and trying to learn all I could about breastfeeding.  I started by reading several books, which lead me to our local La Leche League group.  I was fortunate not to have any major breastfeeding issues but continued to attend La Leche League as I was finding it a wonderful source of information on being a mother.  Shortly after the birth of our second child two and a half years later I became a leader in the La Leche League group as a way to give back and help other mothers.  In those days our resources for answering complicated questions were limited and we just provided basic information and lots and lots of encouragement. 

Many years after our third child weaned I was asked by a friend to work a few hours a week at WIC (Women’s Infants and Children) teaching moms about breastfeeding.  I thought the job would be a good transition back into the work force.  After just a short time, I fell in love with helping moms discover breastfeeding, learn more about it and eventually breastfeed their babies.  I knew that as my skills grew, I still needed to learn more to be able to help moms whose situations were difficult.  I started studying and did a student internship at Pennsylvania Hospital to gain newborn experience and learn from others in the field with many years of varied experience.  In the Summer of 2007 I sat for the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiner’s exam and when I got my results in October of 2007 was able to add the initials IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) after my name. 

Then I worked per diem at Pennsylvania Hospital gaining insight into the first few days of life and breastfeeding, while continuing to work as a Lactation Consultant for WIC in Gloucester County, New Jersey. I now work for Gateway WIC serviing their Camden County offices and continue working to expand my private practice so I can increase services and Breastfeeding Success for families in South Jersey. 

P.S. My three breastfed babies are now thriving in college and the work force with good health and good grades.  They are the product of good parenting that started with breastfeeding and the things I learned back in those La Leche League meetings.  I am so proud of them every day and want to help others have strong, healthy families that can bring them great joy.

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